Request for Support in Exams Form

Request for Support in Exams Form

Please complete this form if you:

(1) have concerns about completing your online exams remotely (for example, you have issues with technology, do not have the required equipment or have disruptions at home); or

(2) residing overseas in a different time zone AND due to the time difference your exam is scheduled to finish after 10 pm or commence before 6 am; or

(3) have an overloaded timetable (i.e. two exams at the same time, three exams on one day, three consecutive exams in 24 hours or four exams in two days); or

(4) require an exam invigilator (supervisor) of the same gender for identification purposes.

Please refer to the exams website for frequently asked questions about final exams. Your information is collected in line with our privacy policy.